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Everyone needs a little Sparkle… and now you can enjoy sparkles in tea!

Just stir about 1/16 tsp of our specialty  Gourmet Sparkles™ into a cup of tea, and enter a fairytale moment!  Or try our fun craft project, below, to make Glitter Tea Bags for treats and gifts that sparkle!

Fairytale Tea


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Edible Ink Project

Enjoy making glitter tea bags with golden edible ink, and create “fairytale moments” for yourself or friends!
One bottle of Gourmet Sparklesmakes enough ink for about 24 tea bags.  FDA approved food safe, our Gourmet Sparkles are so much fun to work with… you’ll feel as if in a fairytale bakery, with little sparkles on your hands (and everywhere)!

Glitter Tea Bags

Easy to do, this is a fun project, especially when you need a princess moment!  First, make edible gold ink, then apply to tea bags, using either a stencil or a craft stamp.

Tea Bags, single serving size
Gourmet Sparkles     > (about 1/4 tsp for 4 tea bags, 1/2 tsp for 8 // 1 bottle for 24)
small bowl water
craft brush
stencils &/or stamps

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Edible Gold Ink


1. It only takes about 1/16 tsp Gourmet Sparkles per tea bag.
Measure and place gold Sparkles on a saucer and add drops of water, until you have a “watercolor” consistency.

2.  Then, place a stencil over the tea bag and fill in with your lovely edible ink, or use the golden ink with a craft stamp.

3,  Use a craft brush to fill the stencil in nicely and/or to fill in where the stamp’s ink didn’t cover well enough.

*You can use ready-made stencils, but I cut mine out of stiff paper, using a star cookie cutter & heart, as a pattern.
(Tape around the cut edges with clear tape, to make the stencils more sturdy.)

To carry out the fairytale theme, I loved using a Crown design stamp!

4.  Let the ink dry (about an hour or so). Store tea bags in a box or tin.

And now you have a delightful treat to look forward to, when you need a sparkle moment!

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make several glittery tea bags and package in a pretty boxes for friends ~
a lovely, special gift!

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To Use

Just brew your tea bag & sweeten as usual.  The sparkles show up best in white tea, but black tea is fine.
*Under bright light, the sparkles really show off!

*(We’ll be offering  DIY kits soon, with tea bags, Gourmet Sparkles™ and pretty gold favor boxes)

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Gourmet Sparkles
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Fairytale Tea

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 this photo:  made with white tea //  (top photo:  with black tea)

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