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Petalfetti  Wholesale Collection

For a price list, please email inquiries to and include in the subject line:  wholesale.

In the email, please include your resale number,  business name and address. Thank you!

We can set up an invoice by Paypal until wholesale ordering from our website is available.


Petalfetti features symbolic Wedding Herbs of rosemary and lavender,

 showering blessings in the language of flowers.

Toss Lavender for devotion,  Rosemary for remembrance.


Offered at wholesale is a 25 cup bulk bag of Wedding Herbs or Wedding Lavender at $45, srp = $70.
(Fills 50 to 75 petal cones or makes about 200 tulle sachets, allowing 2 tablespoons each.)

7-cup white bags tied with tulle are offered at $12.50 each, available in a case of 6 or 12.
(Each 10 oz white sack yields about 50 small scoops.)

Rosemary and Lavender laced with white blooms

wh - rosemary.2 - Copy


laced with white blooms



Eco-friendly Petalfetti

Since olden days, herbs have been used in weddings to bestow fragrance, beauty and blessings.

Sweet Lavender for devotion and fragrant rosemary for remembrance are laced with white flowers to create our signature, original Wedding Blessing Herbs — just right for a special send-off.

Petalfetti photographs beautifully and creates fragrant bridal paths.

Beautiful served from silver bowls, moss/twig baskets, favors, flower boxes or cones,  25 cups serve 50 to 75 or yield about 100 sachet favors, allowing1/4 cupful.  Fills 50 to 75 petal cones.

White blooms may vary according to seasonal supply.