Rose Water – a simple pleasure of Spring!


 With March’s hint of spring, every morning lately, I’ve enjoyed a simple pleasure —

a glass of spring water flavored with Rose  . . (add 1/4 tsp  rose water).

Anything that helps me drink water is a good thing!

I use bottled spring water  — Just stir 1/4 tsp rose water into

about 8 oz water for a delightful way to start a spring or summer morning!


ROSE WATER 3 - 409 -3


 Rosewater for cooking can be found at Whole Foods, nutrition shops,

and specialty shops that carry Middle Eastern spices.

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* In my research, I found:

“the fragrance of roses is said to stimulate the brain with the same chemical as when we are in love.”

~ The simple pleasure of enjoying rose water & its heavenly fragrance

can bring a blissful moment to start your day! ~