About Petal Cones

Berry cones  Berry cones  Berry cones

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Select from signature blue or black stripe cones, translucent colors of fine vellum paper or  doily cones.  Available in kits or ready made!

For weddings, fill each cone with up to 1/2 cupful of rose petals or wedding herbs.  A free display sheet filled with suggestions is included with your order.

Our designer cones can also be filled with seasonal candies, treats and even fresh berries. . .  a fresh way to add interest to breakfast or luncheon plates!

Ribbon handles can be added by punching holes on either side of the cone.  Simply thread a 24″ piece of ribbon through and tie the ends.

Display petal cones in our Flower Boxes,  wedding pails,  silver trays,  moss / garden containers  or tied caked stands.