About Rose Petals

Love is like a rose… the Joy of all the earth …
                                   – Christina Rossetti


 Wedding Petals p Copy

The Language of Roses

Red for Love

White for Worth and Beauty

Yellow for Joy

Pink for Happiness


About our Wedding Petals

Freeze-drying is the most advanced method of drying flowers and yields exquisite results.   Wedding Petals™ look as if they have just fallen off the rose!   Our rose petals retain their shape and do not shrink or discolor and remain  flexible.  Much more carefree than fresh,  Wedding Petals™ can be stored at room temperature.

Why not use fresh petals for tossing?

Fresh petals may stain wedding gowns, linens or carpeting.  Fresh petals can be slippery.

Keeping fresh petals from wilting is a concern… using beautiful Wedding Petals™ creates a carefree day.


Rose Petals  are perfect for weddings or any occasion,  decorating,  parties and Christmas beauty.

Greet guests with a path of rose petals to your door . . .  they will feel like royalty.

Strew on tables, with candles . . .

Add petals to wedding invitations, greeting cards and thank you notes.

Sprinkle petals in gift baskets or boxes.

SPA  Petals —  sprinkle petals in bath water along with rose bubble bath to feel truly pampered and beautiful.

Regarding inquiries about edible petals, we recommend using petals from an organic/home garden only.


Rose petals “settle” in shipping [like cereal].   However, when poured into a container,  they will fill out to a larger volume.

25 cups will serve about 50 to 75 wedding guests,  allowing 1/3 to 1/2 cupful each.

Bridal notes

I cannot believe how wonderful the flower petals were!
I ordered 30 cups, yet it did not look like 30 cups!  Still,  it smelled wonderful,  so I started putting the petals into the holders …. The 30 cups of flower petals filled 90 holders!  It was wonderful.
We put them into seats at the wedding and they were thrown at the
newly married couple as they walked back down the aisle. It was splendid!
It looks lovely on video to see the petals floating down onto the couple
as they go down the aisle. . . .