About Wedding Herbs


Roses for Love,  Lavender for Devotion 

Heather for Admiration & Protection

Pansy for Thoughts of You

Rosemary for Fidelity & Remembrance

Larkspur for Joy

Wedding Blessing Herbs create a wedding day that is beautiful from beginning to end.   Since medieval times,  herbs have been used symbolically in weddings.   By joining this custom with the tradition of tossing rose petals,  the Flowerfetti collection was created,  offering a romantic alternative to rice or seed.

Based upon the symbolism of the Language of Flowers,  symbolic herbs shower good wishes,  leaving flower-strewn bridal paths.

Different from potpourri,  our Wedding Blessing Herbs are fabric-safe and ecology- wise,  offering a perfect solution for reception sites.

Beginning with an herbal mix featuring  English Lavender (the size of rice) and Rosemary,  blends are accented with ivy, hydrangea, rose petals,  heather and other flowers such as pansies,  daisies,  buttercups and queen anne’s lace.


Wedding Herbs are lovely heaped in wedding baskets or silver bowls.  Instead of one large basket,  use two or more smaller ones to place in different areas.

Baskets may be passed among guests at the appropriate time;  other container suggestions include formal or whimsical garden urns,  painted flower pots , moss or twig baskets,  or romantic hat boxes . . .

Scoops aren’t necessary,  but the following are ideas,  if desired . . .
Silver sugar or berry spoons make beautiful petal scoops.

A rustic scoop can be fashioned by making fairy baskets
(tiny baskets, about 4″ ).  Remove handle, and glue on tiny bits
of flowers , moss , berries, etc

Another rustic idea is to use tiny flower pots.

Sachets and Keepsakes

Wedding Herbs can be used to create herbal sachets for guests.  Include our language of flower card or create a hand-written one.

To make a Bridal potpourri,  line a keepsake box with tulle,  add about two cups of Wedding Herbs & bits of lace and ribbon and keepsake blooms from your wedding day.

Fragrant ,  symbolic favors are easily made by adding herbal soaps or fragrant candles  to a box of Wedding Herbs .