A List of Edible Flowers

Edible flowers should be garden-fresh & free of chemicals

Carnation                                          Lilac
Cornflower                                      Nasturtium
Crysanthemums                          Orange Blossom
Heather                                             Pansies &
Jasmine                                             Johnny Jump Ups
Lavender                                          Snapdragon
Roses                                                  Violets

Use fresh edible flowers in salads and as a beautiful garnish for desserts.
Dried edible flowers may be used also.
Have fun experimenting!

Before using fresh flowers, rinse,  handling with care.
Remove pistils, stamens & the white part at the base of the petals
because it may be bitter in taste.

                          How to Crystallize flowers

Violets & rose petals work well….1 frothy beaten egg white & a tsp. water
super fine sugar
Using tweezers, dip each flower or petal in the liquid mixture
or brush onto petal with paint brush.
Shake to remove excess.
Dip each flower or petal into a bowl of sugar; shake off excess.
Place on paper towels on a wire rack to dry.
Store in an airtight tin lined with waxed paper.
Rose Recipes

Rose Petal Sandwich
1 stick unsalted butter, softened
a few drops of rose water, optional
1 to 2 teaspoons of xxx sugar or to taste
8 slices white bread, crusts trimmed
6 – 8 fragrant organic Roses

Lightly whip together the butter, water or flavoring & sugar.
Spread onto bread slices.
Cut the bread into desired shapes;  I like using a round biscuit cutter.
Sprinkle with petals & serve  open face Or
top with second slice of bread, letting petals  overflow the edges slightly.

Rose Petal Cake
If desired, use rose water as part of the liquid in making the cake.
Spread Rasberry or Strawberry or Rose Jam between layers of cake.
Frost with white icing…Royal or Buttercream.
Sprinkle fresh organic Rose Petals over frosted cake.   Refrigerate until served.

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