Language of Flowers

Since medieval days, herbs have been used symbolically in weddings.  In the Victorian era, the use of the language of flowers reached its height of popularity.  Meanings were assigned to flowers to convey different sentiments.   Hand-held nosegays called tussie mussies  were a poplular way to convey sentiments of love or friendship.

The following is a list of flowers and herbs that are suitable for weddings.  If you have any in your garden, you may wish to add them to the wedding herbs to make your own special blend.

 Bay Laurel for GloryCamelia for Gratitude

Carnation for pure love

Camomile for Patience

Crocus for Gladness

Daisy for Innocence

Dill for Good Spirits

Heather for Admiration & Protection

Hydrangea for Gratitude

Ivy for Wedded Love

Lily of Valley for Return of Happiness

Lambs-ears for

Larkspur for Joy

Lavender for Devotion

Lemon Verbena for Unity


Magnolia for DignityMarjoram for Joy,

Mint for prosperity

Myrtle for Love

Oregano for Happiness

Orange Blossom for Purity

Orchid for Rare Beauty

Pansy for Friendship

Queen-Anne’s-Lace for

Roses for Love & Purity

Snowdrop for Hope

Violet for Faithfulness

Rosemary for Fidelity & Remembrance
Sage for domestic virtue

Thyme for Courage, Strength

Yarrow for Everlasting