Silky Chocolate Truffle

Butter Truffle

I’m on an eating plan that allows butter and rich cream  ~~ as long as they are eaten with less than 10 g carbs or after 3 hours of having carbs. (Check out for more info!)

This recipe makes a great after dinner treat  or snack to look forward to!  ~ a simple, rich, elegant treat!  So satisfying!
(*A similar Vanilla Truffle is posted here .  *Both are rich S desserts or snacks on the THM plan)

Chocolate Truffle

Makes one serving  – double as needed

 In a small ramekin, mix with a fork:

 2 Tbsp butter, 1/2 Tbsp Dutch cocoa, 1/8 tsp NuStevia sweetener, dash salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 2 tsp vanilla protein powder & about a Tbsp heavy cream — add enough to get a good consistency.

It will form a little ball like a Truffle & is so silky & chocolaty.  Sometimes, leave a little sauce at the bottom for an extra treat!  (It’s fun to garnish with edible flowers, if available.)

* You can adjust ingredients to suit your taste (more protein powder & cream for more of a milk chocolate)

* I like NuStevia for this, because it’s a fine powder that doesn’t leave any graininess.
* Heavy cream has less carbs than half & half , so it’s best for this recipe.

 Butter Truffle       Butter Truffle

Violets are blooming right now, and I love using them as an edible garnish!  (also pansies!)

Butter Truffle